Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Season's Hottest Seller! Pretty Playing Cards Queen of Hearts Costume

As the Halloween shopping season begins (usually in mid-summer), it's impossible to anticipate which costumes will be the really hot, trendsetters for that year, and we're always surprised to learn which costumes the gals snatch up the most. This year, so far, it's the Pretty Playing Card Queen of Hearts Costume. We've already sent out a skillion of these to lovely ladies all over the globe.

We think it's the fluffy shape of the skirt and the adorable, ruffled neck piece that's so appealing. But whatever the reason, we have stocked up on this sexy little number to make sure that every gal that wants one gets one!

To fully achieve the fullness of the skirt, you'll need to pick up a short petticoat skirt from our Halloween Costume Accessories page.

Don't forget the mini top hats, available in Red Glitter with Veil and White Glitter with Veil