Get groovy as a mod, retro, sixties hippie chick or go-go dancer

Hang out and get groovy this Halloween with Babygirl Boutique's selection of Go-Go Dancer Costumes, Mod Sixties Costumes, Disco Girl Costumes, and Hippie Chick Costumes! Inspired by the fabulous fashions of the sixties and seventies; Bellbottoms, Peace Signs, Mini Dresses, Flower Prints, Go-Go Boots... what more do you need to get your groovy groove on this year?! Check out Babygirl Boutique's selection of Go-Go Girls and Hippie Chicks Costumes!

You Go-Go Girl! 

Channel Goldie Hawn on Laugh In with these darling, scandalously short go-go mini dresses. All you need is a pair of go-go boots for a complete look! You can browse our full selection of Go-Go Dancer costumes here.



Hot Hippie Chicks

These gals are all about peace, love, freedom, and fantastic clothes. Fringe, paisley prints, flowers, bell bottoms... take a far out trip in the way back machine, man!



These Go-Go Boots are Made for Walkin'! 

We have GO-GO BOOTS in too many colors to list here! From Pleasure Shoes and others, these boots are the perfect compliment to any sixties-theme costume. Hot Pink, Silver, White, Black, Shiny or Matte, the list is endless! Browse our full selection of Go-Go Boots.