Be your favorite character from Grease the Movie

Officially Licensed Costumes from Grease the Movie

Before there was "High School Musical", there was "Grease", the original high school musical, featuring timeless characters and songs that will continue to be celebrated for generations.

These officially licensed costumes are perfect for not only Halloween but any costume or Grease-themed party. All your favorite characters from Rydell High are here, included "Good" Sandy from the beginning of the movie, "Bad" Sandy from the end of the movie after her greaser-girl makeover, Rizzo, and Frenchie the Beauty School Dropout. We also have wigs to complete the look.

The Good Sandy Costume features a cute sixties dress with a wide belt and a darling cardigan.

The Good Sandy Rydell High Cheerleader Costume shows true school spirit with a mini skirt and sweater emblazoned with the Rydell High logo and school colors. Remember-- if you're not an athlete, you can be an athletic supporter!

If the Good Sandy look is too square for your tastes, you might enjoy rocking this Bad Sandy Costume instead! It features an off-the-shoulder top with an elastic belt, and skin-tight pants. He'd better shape up, 'cause you need a man!

The curly 'do of this Bad Sandy Wig is just the thing you need to complete your electrifyin' outfit.

She left high school to go to beauty school but things didn't quite go according to plan. Who doesn't relate to the plight of Frenchie? Now you can don this Beauty School Drop-Out Costume and wear Frenchie's cute pink smock with a white elastic belt.

The beauty school drop-out costume isn't complete without Frenchie's Pink Wig!

There are worse things you can do than go with a boy or two... this adorable Rizzo Costume features a slinky black dress with an elastic collar.

The Pink Ladies Jacket turns almost any outfit into a Grease costume!

Show your allegiance to the bad boys you love with this Ladies T-Birds Jacket, featuring the T-Birds artwork across the back.