Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Halloween Costume Accessories

For your sexy French maid costume, Leg Avenue has a maid accessory kit with a cap/head band, feather duster, and cute little sexy apron. For Halloween or just playing dress up!

Finish off your Gatsby Girl flapper costume with a flapper girl accessory kit, featuring a stretchy sequin headband and pearl necklace that ties with a black satin ribbon.

If you are masquerading as a gangster girl or a motorcycle mama, you might want to complete the look with fingerless satin gloves

For just about any costume, you can add a pair of satin wrist gloves in red or black for a touch of class.

The incredibly popular glitter mini top hat goes with almost any outfit, and now it comes in green! For St. Patrick's Day or Halloween, you might try the green glitter top hat.

Storybook costumes such as Little Red Riding Hood are not complete without a red plush capelet with a ruffle trim.