Monday, July 22, 2013

Geek chic schoolgirl costumes

Some people feel strongly about the glamorization and sexification of geeks and nerds, saying that "geek chic" is a fashion concept invented by hipsters and beautiful people which diminishes or even mocks true geek subculture. And while it's true that a "sexy nerd" costume might be glamorizing something that is, to many, a lifestyle that has nothing to do with tight skirts and tits-a-poppin', Halloween costume makers traditionally sex up all sorts of things that normally aren't sexy: Sexy SWAT officer, sexy nurse, sexy maid, sexy panda bear, sexy scarecrow, sexy ninja, etc. 

So, in the spirit of making Halloween all about sex, here are two new geeky schoolgirl costumes. The Class Nerd Costume features doggone adorable plaid short-shorts with suspenders, a white top with a keyhole opening and plaid bow neck piece, and the faux glasses frames which... of course... look like they were broken in the middle and patched up with tape.

Also available is the new Private School Sweetie Costume that features a short, plaid, Catholic school-style skirt, white top and tie, and the faux frames.

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